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Nice to Meet You! (✿◠‿◠)

I'm a UX Designer and Qualitative UX Researcher based in NYC! I'm a UX Designer @ Mentor Collective, an ed tech startup. 
Before uncovering my passion for the field of UX, I worked as an operating room nurse.

My Story 📚

During the COVID pandemic, I was a new grad nurse who was ready to dive head first into the healthcare profession. I worked as an operating room nurse and I loved many aspects of it. Being able to help others and also being able to form meaningful relationships with my patients kept me going through difficult days.

As much as I loved nursing, I was frustrated by the rigidity of the traditional healthcare setting. I'm someone who loves innovating and improving upon current systems. While I saw potential for improvement in many areas and advocated for change, my views were hardly ever taken into account. I also really missed using my creative mind and creating. 

Coming across the field of UX Design was a blessing. I realized I would still be able to do what I loved the most in nursing - connecting with others to understand their motivations, pains, and needs. Drawing from my skillsets from my background, I bring a strong understanding behind the importance of accessibility and empathy. I've worked directly with individuals through all walks of life with various disabilities and with this knowledge, I hope to be their advocate. I aim to design intuitive, accessible, and thoughtful experiences that solve meaningful problems.


My Favorite Things

🍔 Trying New Food 

I'm an avid foodie and food photographer. Find me roaming around NYC on food crawls on the weekend. Feel free to ask me for food recommendations.


🐶 Petting Dogs 

Why are dogs so cute and soft? Currently on an ambitious mission to pet all the dogs in the world.​


❤️ Volunteering

I've been volunteering since middle school. Love helping others and meeting new people through volunteer events!​

🍜 Testing and Creating Recipes 

I love cooking during my free time and sharing good food with others.


🎨 Drawing

My new current obsession is drawing on Procreate! 


🧸 Playing Crane Games 

Prior to the pandemic, I loved going to arcades and playing claw machines. One of my newfound hobbies during the pandemic was online crane games. I may or may not have won too many plushies.


My Values

😇 Be Kind

The world can always use more kindness. Being empathetic, considerate and caring of other people goes a long way. 

👩🏼‍🎓 Be a Lifetime Learner  

I believe that no single individual knows everything. There's always something to learn and always an area to improve upon. I love receiving feedback whenever possible. 


🙏 Be Humble  

I accept myself for my good qualities but acknowledge that I have limitations as well. This allows me to continue to grow, learn, and be considerate of others around me. 

💪 Be Accountable 

Mistakes happen as we're all human. It's okay to make a mistake once but not the same mistake twice. To me, the most important part of making any mistake is owning up to it, making things right, and taking accountable actions to prevent the same error from reoccurring.

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